Operational policy

Kolmeks Ltd is a company which designs, manufactures, markets and services machines and appliances. We are specialised in manufacturing, import and export of electric motors, centrifugal pumps, valves and related products. Our operational goal is to be a leading domestic manufacturer of pumps, who meets the needs of the customer at the same time considering environmental effects of operations and public regulations concerning safety and usability.

Our environmental goal is to reduce energy and water consumption as well as increase waste material utilization. The management is committed to continual improvement of the environment and the prevention of contaminating nature. Quality goals are to improve customer satisfaction, the quality of manufacturing and the reliability of delivery.

Kolmeks pursues a continuous exploratory and product development activity to satisfy the customers’ needs. By applying new knowledge and technical methods to design and manufacturing is competitiveness maintained and at the same time environmental load reduced. We observe to the fullest extent laws and statutes regarding our operations.

Satisfied customers and protecting environment form pollution are the starting points for company’s action for productivity. Our personnel represent high craftsmanship and qualifications, good working motivation and possess modern equipment. In our company resources are reserved to uphold our personnel’s skills by continuous training, which ensures understanding of operational policy at the same time. Employee wellbeing and safety are taken into consideration in all activities and developed continuously.

The ways of action to ensure the company’s high quality of products and actions and environmental friendliness are described in the operation manual of Kolmeks Ltd. The manual is based on the principles of ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 standards and includes practical measures, regulations and guidelines, which help to fulfil quality and environmental targets of the company’s actions. Everyone is personnally responsible for quality of the work and its continual development. Both the management of the company and the personnel are committed to follow the operational policy.

The contents of the operations manual and the commitment are estimated regularly by internal and external auditing. The management review estimates both the target setting and the suitability of the operational policy to the company. Changes are made if required. We follow in every action the principle of continual improvement. This policy are available for all personnel to view on notice-boards and for public view on our home pages.

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